Competitive pricing

Please call or email to inquire of our competitive pricing.

  • Full Payment is due within 30 days of completion & approval of shop drawings by the Glazing Contractor NOT within 30 days of Approval by the Architect.
  • Please inquire about our Net 15 early payoff specials.
  • Payments made after 45 days of billing are subject to an additional 10% late fee.

What is needed to get started?

Detailed & clear direction helps us to provide you with concise & accurate shop drawings. The following is a list of essential information for us to get started:

  • A hard copy of the ‘A’ portion of the Architecturals would be preferred. It will be helpful for the glazing contractor to retain a copy so we can discuss them over the phone if necessary.
  • Please also include a copy of the architecturals electronically in a PDF or DWG format if at all possible.
  • A comprehensive list (part numbers) of aluminum extrusions that are being used on the project.
  • A copy of the Door Hardware Schedule as found in the specs or at the very least, a listing of the hardware that is to be noted on the drawings.
  • A copy of the glass spec & or a description of the glass types that is to be noted on the cover sheet.
  • All system design, load review, and anchor requirements will be the responsibility of Glazing Contractor.
  • A completed Job Request Form.
  • Please note that a submitted Job Request Form constitutes a contractual agreement between the Glazing Contractor & Charrette Studios Inc. to provide Shop Drawings for the project that has been submitted.

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